Sunday, July 1, 2007


Being a new knitter(although I'm not sure when I can say I'm not a new knitter), I can admit to bonehead mistakes and still feel like I'm not a total loser. And today, I discovered one of those bonehead mistakes. I had decided to make the Bathing Beauties(Fiber Trends) washcloth and soap sack pair for Christmas Gifts. I went to block the washcloth, and it didn't look right. Dummy me put on the border lace on backwards. Otherwise it looks great. Ha. So maybe that cloth is for me! I have enough of the Wendy Knits yarn to do another washcloth. Christmas is going to come REALLY fast if I keep making boo-boos like that!

I'm going to start calling the dog SPARKY. She got hold of sparklers last night - which is a new low for her counter-surfing.


Zanahoria12 said...


My Mom (AB '65) told me about your blog. Wanted to pass on news of the Mystery Stole. It's a mystery knit-along.

If you're into knitting a little bit a week without knowing what you're making ahead of time, this is a good project:)

Have fun!

brattyknitter said...

Thanks for the link to the mystery stole. How intersting! I don't know that I have time for it now, but what a great idea.

Tell me who your mother is! And tell her thanks for sending my info along!


Zanahoria12 said...

Valerie Fellner:)