Friday, July 27, 2007

NYC Knitting

Went on a mini-vacation with son #2 to NJ/NYC. My great friend Erika who lives there went with us into the City on Monday. She is an aspiring/frustrated knitter, but was happy to indulge my need to shop for yarn from anywhere. So we hunted down Purl. I bought some Blue Sky Cotton that I'm going to try on a washrag. Erika informs me that nahtherners use a sponge. I informed her that sponges hold all sorts of germies and I was going to send her along a washrag that she could wash.

It was great fun yarning with her, as we go months and months without seeing each other. She bought some baby alpaca and was going to knit a wrap, but got really frustrated. Somehow, some way, she has decided that she is a crocheter, as it seems to be much easier for her. So YAY ERIKA!!! Honestly, I could have hit every yarn shop in Manhattan and been happy, but we stuck to 1. It was a fun day.

Oh, my son! He was patient with our yarn expedition, and got his fair share of fun at the apple store and FAO.

Hm... wonder if I could chart a plan to knit in every state before I die???

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FugueStateKnits said...

So cool! You went to Purl Soho??? How was it? I love their ads, but have never been able to get there on my forays into the Big Apple:)
Take care,
joan a/k/a FSK