Thursday, March 13, 2008

Well, it got to be the holidays, and my camera died. I got a new camera for Christmas(thanks Mom and Dad!). I've not had a good time getting any updates to my blog!

BUT!!! Today, at last, we have a finished object! And where is my camera's sync cord? Apparently at the office. But I finished the Knitting Pure and Simple wrap sweater in Cleckheaton Coutry Silk - the rich brown color. I admit, sweaters are a new thing for me. The yarn on this one was wild. I didn't think I would like the sweater at all, until it was knit completely and tried on for the 1st time without needles attached. And I really like it now that it is blocked. The yarn REALLY softened up, and became what I had thought it would be, but doubted the entire time.

Other things on the sticks:
Ce Ce cardigan from Chic Knits - Cascade Pima Tencel in the deep sea color(no other way to describe that blue!
Blessings socks from Miriam Felton - any Aramco brat would appreciate them!
Wicked in a green colorway of Sublime's cashmere merino silk dk

I've got other things on the needles that have gone still for the moment - I can't bring myself to knit any of those heavy wools now with the trees blooming as they are.

Pics later with the sync cord!

No other grand news. I'm running off to Copenhagen with my neice for a few days at Easter. That's exciting. Yarn will be purchased, no doubt.
When I get back Wonderchild 1 and I are going to take some college tours - we did one last fall and put the others on the back burner. Wonderchild 2 is growing like a weed - a big one! He is looking man-sized in his lacrosse gear. I'm sure he will, much to his brother's disbelief, be the bigger of the 2 boys. Good boys, both. I got lucky that way.:-)

Happy Spring.

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