Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Finally, some knitting progress

When I last posted, I was lamenting the lack of finished objects. I made a vow to myself that I wouldn't start on anything new until I finished some things.

So today, I leave progress and finished things.... enjoy.

The start of dishcloths - they are my "Palette cleanser" between projects or difficult knitting. Cotton, just whatever I have in stash. This is an ongoing "project" for this year.

And how about those socks??? I finally finished the second 1, with an error, but I'm okay with it, noone will know but me and you. Cherry Tree Hill Supersock - the boys gave me the yarn.

I tried the Turn-A-Square hat from Brookyntweed for boy hats for Christmas. This is D, modelling my dad's hat. I think it could be knit on smaller needles, will try that for the next hat.

I used Cascade 220 in brown and the varigated is a tweedy version of 220. It doesn't seem to have a separate name.

I also finished the Bespoke pillow, it was so cute when it was finished, killer lining, and the colors were great.

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Suzanne said...

That's a really great hat. Really really. Love to Jared and Brooklyn Tweed!

And man, oh man, socks!