Thursday, June 19, 2008

Knitting, knitting, knitting, but no finishing!

So, I have been knitting.

  • I've knit 1-1/2 socks.

        • I've knit 2/3s of a Bespoke pillow for the pretty girl in the last post.
        • I've knit 1 of 16 squares of my son's afghan for college(see project ticker at bottom of page).

        • I've knit 2/3s of a Wicked for my neice.

        • I've knit the 1st 2 rows of a shell for me.

        • I've knit, and frogged, the beginings of a CeCe cardigan for me.
        • I've knit 3 square of a Crayon Box Jacket - woohoo!

        • I've knit, and stopped, just enough of the Bravo bag, that I have to start all over now.

        So I've come to a conclusion: I have to finish some of these! I have vowed that I'm not going to cast on any more projects until I finish some of this. First off the list will be the pillow and socks. Followed quickly by the Wicked. The afghan is a long term project, and will be a Thursday night event, since that's a quiet night at home.

        Then I can cast on for a beautiful Jeanie wrap for Las Vegas in October.

        I hope all are getting their projects finished better than I am!

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        Knitting Diva said...

        You have some lovely projects going! I too have far too many knits in the works and make a vow to myself weekly to keep a strong focus and then another tempation comes along, but aren't we having fun!! Good Luck!