Sunday, October 19, 2008

I don't know where time goes, but it does.

There is always knitting going on at my house. I do knit daily, and get kinda cranky if I can't.

I went to Vegas for a reunion late in September and knit a Clapotis for evening wear, and it turned out great. Of course, I was to the edge on completing it, and the dog didn't help.

Apparently, as it was drying from the blocking, she decided to take a whiz on the thing. So my Vegas Clapotis has been renamed the Vegas Clapo-peepee.

Speaking of Vegas, I spent my money at Gail Knits, and bought some beautiful Prism Kid Slique yarn. Yummy! Knitting it up into a simple scarf with a twisted stitch rib.

And finally, a little something to get you into the holiday spirit...

I made a Christmas Gnome. My first "toy" - it won't ever be played with, that's for sure. I learned that toys require knitting, then seaming, then stuffing, then final seaming, then putting all the pieces together. It was fun, and I learned all sorts of things about seaming and how my tries it takes to seam a teeny mitten!

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