Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time just flies, and I have no idea where it goes.

Knitting has been happening, but it does daily. I'm cranky if I don't get some knitting time in.

I went to Vegas in late September, and knit a Clapotis to take as an evening wrap. Down to the wire knitting and blocking it, but did get it completed. Annie the dog didn't help. Apparently while it was blocking on rubber tiles on the floor, she took a whiz on it. It was RE-WASHED and re-blocked, and went with me.

Speaking of Vegas, my souvenir was YARN! from Gail Knits.

Yarn: Prism Yarn, Kid Slique, color Autumn

Pattern: Twisted stitch rib

So a little something to get you in the holiday spirit...

Toys = knitting, seaming, stuffing(oh wait, trip to store for beans), more seaming, assembling, and finally finally, completion. Fun little project and just too cute

Gnome parts

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Elke said...

Oh, what a tragic clapotis story! I'm glad you were able to save it in time to wear on vacation!