Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Here comes '09.

Finally, out with 2008, In with 2009!

I'm always excited for the new year to come - something about the promise of a new year to wipe the slate clean. For my knitting, it's not necessarily wiping the slate clean, but clears the way for me to start anew - on the new and the old.

Philosphically, I can tell you that knitting gives me unrivaled joy. I love the creativeness of it, I love the mechanics of it, I love the finished product! The yarn makes me happy, and the possibility of gifting something I have made that looks pretty darned good is comforting.

So imagine my surprise when my parents gave me a nice fat gift certificate to my favorite yarn shop! I've learned from past experiences with the 'rents that a gift certificate is only a good gift when the giftee produces expected project in fast order. They don't subscribe to the theory that the right project will come to your yarn, or that whole notion that the yarn will whisper in your ear what it wants to become when it grows up. So Saturday I was at the yarn shop picking out yarn(thanks Belva and Tiffany!) for 2 sweaters that will need to get on the needles to show Progress. I bought Silky Wool in a light earthy green for the Slinky Ribs sweater from Custom Knits. And I've ordered Jojoland Rhytm in browns for Ingenue from the same book.

Other goals for myself this year: Knitting from queued projects, since I have the yarn and patterns and all. That would make some sense. I've got started: a handbag, a shawl, socks, a blanket for a friend. I have yarn for, but haven't started a cardigan, another handbag, about 8 pairs of socks, and a number of scarves. So if I couldn't buy another skein of yarn this year(horrors, that would never happen), I would be able to knit uninterrupted.

Oh, and I have Jeremy's afghan I'm trying to do before he goes to college in the fall, but I'm starting all over on it. I hate to think what I have in yarn, but I'm scrapping it and starting all over. I guess this is what you would classify as College Knitting - similar to vacation knitting or christmas knitting, but with a teenager who is crawling out of his skin for anything with new school colors. He has requested a scarf, which I've chosen Campus Scarf in Ultra Aplaca(garnet and black of course) and has demanded at least 5 pairs of socks before he goes to school. Geez. He has no clue.

Happy Knitting, one and all.

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megha said...

well sweet tea will be so much in demand.

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