Monday, November 16, 2009

Stick a fork in me, I'm done!

So two very important milestones happened this week. I bound off my mother's Christmas present(check my rav for more details, since mom does read this from time to time) and I, just tonight, knit the last of the squares for my son's afghan. There were times that I wasn't sure if I would hit Christmas for either of them, but I'm ahead of schedule.

Mom's monstrosity is blocking now - to 42" x 82". Humungo!

Jeremy's afghan still needs to be crocheted together, as well as an edging attached, but that's a pretty small amount of work, considering. I truly have loved knitting every square, and found it quick and easy, but satsifying as only a "small square" can be. This is the photo of it with all but one squre done. Obviously, there's some squares that still need to be blocked, but that's the general layout. The color blocks landed up being in the green, blue and neutral families, with one oddball block that is the University of South Carolina colors, just for kicks.

Not since Sliced Bread and the ATM has there been such a grand invention as I've discovered today. Can we say, BLOCKIKNG WIRES!??!

I leave you with some of the images from my Copenhagen trip...

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