Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to School and other tidbits

So finally, finally, the kids are back in school. My two freshmen seem to be doing just fine, loving school and life. And who wouldn't at their ages, oh, to be young again! We are so proud of both of them, and Jeremy is finding his way at USC, getting involved in different organizations and making a life for himself.

Something in the knitting karma department happened this summer, I'm not sure what, but between early May and now, I have really cranked out some knitting. And it's all nighttime knitting, I don't knit during the day at all. Amazing.

So I knit up an Ishbel in quick fashion - love the color combination, just wish it were a little bigger.
Yarn is Louet Gems, fingering weight.

It's an Ysolda Teague design - she turns out the best written patterns anywhere. They are simple, and when the pattern isn't, she explains it so it is.

This next shawl is the Textured Shawl "recipe" by Orlane. This was easy and fun, and truly was more of guidelines than a pattern. The yarn was perfect, and I expect I'll be wearing this soon! Football games seem a perfect place to sport this!
Especially with these cabled mitts - not finished yet, due to needing to knit the mitt part on a smaller needle, and not having those needles. I was able to get the needles this past week, so I will get working on these quickly!

Christmas Knitting..... is under way.

Dad's scarf set Kati's Hat, modeled by Annie

And then there is the Afghan for Jeremy. This was really meant to go with him to college, but I just didn't have a good rhythm going for getting it done. I am on the job now, and have 33 of the 96 squares done. I may shrink the size of it, as the 96 makes a very large blanket. We'll see. Under suggestion of a knitting buddy, I'm going to start blocking them so I don't have that to do all at the end, when of course, I'll be under deadline. I'm pleased with it so far, and think he will be too.

Yarn is all over the place - there is some Cascade Sierra(which is what it will be boardered with), K1C2 Ty-Dy Cotton, Noro, Cascade Pima Tencel, Mission Falls Cotton, Brooks Farm Solana, and others! This has been really fun to see where it is going. Thanks MasonDixonKnitting gals for the inspiration.

Looking forward to fall and the knitting that happens in this time of the year. I hope to have more pictures by end of October for some more finished items!

Be well, and enjoy your fall season!

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