Friday, September 21, 2007


I feel like I'm finally making progress on some knitting. I restarted a pair of socks - for the 3rd time, as I hated the yarn so bad. I didn't want to spend another second on the yarn. Bought some Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock Yarn to replace it and just love it.

I'm feeling a little more energized - I have some house projects that are making me feel inspired and productive. Go figure. Maybe it's the cool weather.

On other fronts, all is well. Work is slowing down a little, so that's nice. The kids are great, really nice to be around. As much as I loved it when they were little, I love watching them become their own people. There is something so natural yet surprising about it, and I love seeing their independence. D called me at work this past week and told me he had called the orthodontist for an adjustment appoinment, when I could I take him, 10, 12 or 3? I just snickered. His 16 year old brother won't make a hair appt, but D is making doc appts? Laughable.

I love premiere week. I'm tired of bad TV through the summer. Grey's anatomy will be on my weekly schedule as well as its sister show, Private Practice. I watched Saving Grace this summer, and have no idea if it will be renewed. It is quirky and somewhat raw. Hope it's will make it to the fall lineup.

I've got an eye doc appt Tuesday - I'm hoping that my failing eyesight is causing the headaches I'm having. I'll go to the reg doc if this isn't the cause. Dermatologist Wed, I should be just dandy by week's end!

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