Sunday, September 2, 2007

Time out for me

I decided 2 weeks ago that this weekend I would be by myself at the coast. It's so odd being a single parent. While it was absolutely the right thing to do and I like the independance of not having to answer to another person, it can be fairly demanding. I find if I don't take care of ME, I can get overwhelmed by having to be something to everyone, or so it feels. And I get cranky with that after a while.

So this weekend I am taking care of me. I'm knitting to my heart's content, and not feeling guilty about the fact that it's Sunday and I haven't set eyes on the beach yet. I'm working on current projects and cast on for a hat for one of the boys. Don't have 5 circs with me, so I'll have to work on that at home. I'm just happy as a clam watching TV, knitting.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Good for you Pam! Hope you had a great weekend :)