Wednesday, October 17, 2007

a FO!

Finally. Something. Finished.
I diverted off all the other projects I have going(3 christmas presents, shawl for me) and started a felted pumpkin Saturday a week ago, and felted it this past weekend. It was still too big when it dried, so I felted again, and now is the right size. I've a new washer, and I am getting used to how it washes still. It has wave action agitation, rather than old school agitators. It's odd for sure, but cleans well but gently. Love the way the pumpkin turned out. I chose fall colors, rather than the halloween colors they showed it in at Knit Picky.

Other things I'm hoping to get done in the knitting: I want to get a cap done for each of the boy's stockings. Someone made the comment I was such a good mother. No, self preservation of not wanting to pay a fortune for a name-brand cap.
I would love to finish Erika's scarf before the holidays, but I need to finish all these other UFOs first. Also would love to knit her the gloves in the Holiday interweave knits. They are yummy and she wears gloves.

J and I are starting college tours this weekend. State this weekend. UNCC in November. Still need to find out about Chapel Hill, Elon and Va Tech. How exciting! Reminds me I'm getting older, but remember doing the same thing like it was yesterday.


Karen said...

Hey Pam! I'm glad we found each other at SAFF :) It was so fun! See you soon.

brattyknitter said...

Yeah, it was a fun day! I've just cast on with some of the yummy Brooks Farm Solana in a hat for my honey.(B-day present) Love all my purchases!