Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Easter!

I've been working away at a number of projects. I finished the cute bunny to the left. He's adorable and an easy knit.

I've alo started the Slinky Ribs Sweater. It's a decent knit, and I'm working it in Silky Wool. A little crunchy fiber, but I know it will be wonderful with blocking. I don't know that I will wear it this summer, but definately spring and fall!

I've made a red-ish scarflette. To go with my brown /red suit. That I bought for interviewing. No interviews yet. Doing everything I can, but things are tight in the construction industry. Keep your fingers crossed that I find something soon or you might see me as a Wal-mart greeter.
I've also finished Liesl. I have to tell anyone...this is a great knit. Quick lace cardi with lots of options for wear. My favorite is jeans and a white shell.
There's been an awful lot of talk about the economy. Among knitters, it seems we are concerned if our yarn will hold out through the recession. I am happy to report that I think my stash will outlive the recession. Keep the faith, and remember, knitting is relaxing and is meant to be fun.

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Anonymous said...

I love the bunny! You are so talented, Pam! If I had a thimble-full of your talent, I might be able to finish even one project... Loved reading this. :)